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A Simple One-Stop Shop

Promotional Solution

Promo videos. Audiobooks.

Websites. Walking tours.

Voicemail greetings.

What else? You tell me.



Promoting Non-Profits

& Small Businesses


I can write a script, shoot stuff on my phone, add some swell graphics and edit it all together to produce a great piece that reflects what you're all about. 

Like this video for the LIME Foundation:


I can put a voice to anything. Or maybe it's your voice. Or maybe it doesn't need a voice at all. Whatever it is, I can make it sound killer. This audiobook by Yuliya Patsay features my engineering:

SampleUntil the Last Pickle
00:00 / 01:04

Other Stuff

Need graphics? Signage? How about marketing material that doesn't fit into those other convenient categories? Chances are I could make it happen. 

Here are a couple cool websites I made:



head shot_FULL_edited.jpg


Head Media Chef

To me, making a difference is more important than making a buck. Now let’s be clear: I don’t work for free. But when all you’re trying to do is find your footing and let people know you’re there, you need someone ready to collaborate with you, work within your budget and get the word out about what you’re building without you writing a check to a huge marketing agency. I mean, I love Mad Men and all but I’m so not those guys.


I bring a ton of experience to the table. Over 30 years I’ve dipped a big ol’ toe into everything from film to video games to print ads to TV commercials. I’ve been a CG artist, a producer, a voice actor, a screenwriter, a signmaker, a stadium announcer, a stagehand. I built this website for crying out loud. Am I a jack of all trades? Hell yeah. And I embrace it.

The Space


I have the ultimate work-from-home setup: a professional grade booth and control room, industry standard software and gear. I should probably get out more but when you have a sandbox like this to play in… why?



Let’s Talk About

What You Need

Thanks - we'll talk soon!

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