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Audio Production

Podcasts. Audiobooks.

Walking tours.

Voicemail greetings.

What else? You tell me.



Welcome to the Unpermitted Space! I’m passionate about crafting unique audio experiences. From voicemail greetings to audio dramas, I love bringing creative projects to life with expert vocals and high-quality sound. Whether you're an author, a small business owner, or a podcaster, I can help you achieve the perfect audio for your project.

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Head Media Chef

I bring a ton of experience to the table. Over 30 years I’ve dipped a big ol’ toe into every type of production. I’ve been a voice actor, a post producer, a CG artist, a podcaster, a radio DJ, a screenwriter, a stadium announcer. I built this website for crying out loud. Am I a jack of all trades? Hell yeah. And I embrace it.

I’ve done work for clients ranging from 3M to EA Sports. As a producer I’ve managed teams of up to 25 people and budgets upwards of $7 million. I’m currently the producer and co-host of the podcast History Improv’ed.



I have the ultimate work-from-home setup: a professional grade booth and control room, industry standard software and gear. I should probably get out more but when you have a sandbox like this to play in… why?

If you're an audio geek I'm happy to chat with you about my DAW and mic and booth and all that technical stuff.



I offer front to back services, from writing and narrating copy all the way to mastering the finished product. For projects that need more than just a one-man show, I assemble a killer team from my vast network of pros, and then bring my producing experience to bear, managing the project schedule and budget and overseeing the successful completion of the project. 


Here are a few of the things I do:


I can put a voice to anything (see below). Or maybe it's your voice. Whatever the case, I can make it sound killer. This audiobook by Yuliya Patsay features my editing and engineering (and a cameo appearance as myself):

SampleUntil the Last Pickle
00:00 / 01:04

Voice Over

I'm a formally trained voice actor and have had agency representation. I've not only lent my voice to things like the audiobook above, but also to commercials, corporate videos, video games and company phone menus.

To hear my voice work, check out my sister website:

stevefaitvo website link image.png

Podcast Production

I'm comfortable in front of and behind the mic. As a podcast producer, I coordinate guests and edit and engineer every episode, which is delivered on time for regularly scheduled release. I also advise guests on using the right mic and maxing out their recording space and sound quality. Check out the website for the podcast History Improv'ed:


Editing & Engineering

Giving audio some serious love is part of every great sounding project. Timing is everything, and editing is all about timing. For more elaborate works, sound effects and filters come into play. It all comes together in the mix, making sure it all plays together nicely. And mastering makes it sound its consistent best. I brought all these skills to bear for this audio project, where Edgar Allan Poe meets Indiana Jones:



Let’s Talk

Thanks - we'll talk soon!

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